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Earn the Sunrise by Scott R. Hofmann - What Should We Read in April 2023?

The first two books on the shortlist for April's Indie Book Club have already been announced. If you haven't already, you can check them out here.

The third book on the shortlist is Earn the Sunrise by Scott R. Hofmann, a debut novel and first-in-series.

About Earn the Sunrise

Genre: Young Adult, Military, Survival

Available on: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited

Length: 341 pages

The syndicate killed her parents. Fear and rage burned in her heart as she hid out in a wilderness camp. Starting as the youngest, her fierce determination to train jiu-jitsu made her the most dangerous – a weapon desiring vengeance. He lost his freedom after a drunken joyride. Fighting in the juvi-jail gave him stitches and a purpose. A judge gave him a second chance instead. Fear of failure and comfort in weakness, his longtime companions, became incompatible with his new friend, the warrior ethos. The splendor of the wilderness, a spiritual awakening, and his mentor’s voice shook him to the core, and he embraced the cold unstoppable power of self-discipline. Masquerading as Boy and Girl Scouts led to a chance meeting in the Minnesota Boundary waters. He couldn’t resist her. She liked the attention. Each kept their real lives a secret. Her dark past resurrected itself. All the training, all her prayers, all the sweat and spilled blood prepared her for this moment. She knew it needed to be her and her alone for this rescue. But not if he could help it.

About the Author

Scott Hofmann proudly served as an Assistant Scout Master in charge of the local Boy Scout troop’s High Adventure program. He took his sons and daughter on many adventures throughout the mid-west ranging from hiking the Pictured Rocks, canoeing the Boundary Waters in Minnesota and Canada, sailing in the Caribbean and Florida keys, and rafting the Arkansas river in Colorado. The banter and conversations from his kids and their friends, combined with his own misguided youth experiences, contributed to the young-adult experiences and conversations in his writing.

Scott has traveled the world and lived in Turkey for three years. Krav Maga was a big part of Scott’s training regimen to help him write better fight scenes. When he is not traveling, he lives vicariously through his characters.

Michigan State University is Scott’s alma mater, where he earned an engineering degree. Aside from his thirty years of computer software industry experience, he started up and managed a distressed real estate hedge fund and earned two US patents.

Scott is married and has three children. Best friend to a dog.




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