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Scribes' Descent by Dylan West- What Should We Read in March 2023?

January was a great month for the Indie Book Club! There were some great titles on the shortlist, and The Hundred Choices Department Store by Ginger Park proved to be a very popular selection. We're back in February with four new titles to choose from, the second of which is Scribe's Descent by Dylan West.

About Scribe's Descent

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Available on: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited

Length: 343 pages

People worship technology on Planet Daishon.

With inventions that prolong life and eradicate disease, it’s little wonder. Death seems obsolete until an earthquake kills thousands, including Mallory’s parents. They should have lived for a thousand years, not just fifty. Mallory scrambles for answers. Such a disaster shouldn’t be possible.

Quakes have never happened on this world before.

Suspecting the top research center had triggered it, her best friend’s father investigates. When he turns up missing, Mallory goes on site after him as a geology intern. She can’t bear to lose anyone else.

An old mine sits at the epicenter of the recent quake, and an unbreakable alien barrier seals it off. But a door hidden in its surface opens for Mallory when she translates its engravings. Once inside, she evades underground predators while cut off from the tech that’s always protected her.

Some graves run much deeper than six feet, and this place could be one of them.

Within this self-contained world lie the remnants of a universal war, revealing that Daishoni folklore is more than superstition. To survive, Mallory must trust in something more than science and logic. She must follow the voice of one she can’t see down to the very bottom. Something deadlier than a quake is trapped there, and it is trying to escape.

About the Author

Dylan West is a Jesus lover, web programmer, video game developer, Navy veteran, foreign language nut, and a nut in general. While other people are busy thinking normal thoughts, he's crafting corny jokes. His novels are young adult, science fiction, and faith-based. Dylan lives in Chesapeake, VA, with his wife and daughter and two demanding tabby cats. Sign up for his newsletter below to receive updates and a behind-the-scenes look at the science research behind his stories.




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