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The Conjurer's Curse by Stephanie Cotta - What Should We Read in March 2023?

January was a great month for the Indie Book Club! There were some great titles on the shortlist, and The Hundred Choices Department Store by Ginger Park proved to be a very popular selection. We're back in February with four new titles to choose from, the third of which is The Girl of Ash and Snow by C.M. Quinn.

About The Conjurer's Curse

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Available on: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited

Length: 415 pages

Seventeen-year-old Rowan is a walking, breathing curse. He just hasn't realized it yet.

Since birth, Rowan has been the object of scorn in his village. The reason? He's a dikyli-an outsider with albino skin and an ominous mark blazoned on his neck. So when his fourth guardian-mother is found dead, all blame falls on him, and he is banished before his life-draining curse can strike again. The only path left to Rowan is clear: He must discover who cursed him and alter his horrible fate-or forever lose everyone he loves.

From facing treacherous seas, soul-devouring Moonshades, and desert terrors, Rowan battles for his very survival to reach his homeland-the far-off kingdom of Shandria, a land rife with hostilities. Dark surprises and back-stabbing betrayals emerge as two devious Iron Barons-who know the scandalous origin of his curse-plot to imprison him in the Mountain of the Damned with the rest of the accursed.

To make matters worse, Rowan's curse threatens to claim another life when he meets Tahira, a spunky, pertly persistent Shandrian who vows to aid him in his quest despite the overwhelming odds. Their alliance of trust and necessity develops into love-a love doomed to end in death if Rowan remains cursed. With the hope of a future hanging in the balance, he must overcome the greatest challenge of his life. For the only way to end his curse is to slay the Conjurer who cast the life-draining spell.

About the Author

Stephanie Cotta hails from beautiful Southern Oregon where she resides in a quaint, historic mining town. Growing up, she spent much of her time delving into every new Star Wars book she could get her hands on, which all began at age nine when she bought The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton at a garage sale for a quarter. Her love of Star Wars and Sci-Fi/fantasy has been undying ever since. A fine arts major in college, she first embarked into the literary world as a children's book illustrator, then leapt over to the realm of storytelling when she could no longer repress the urge to write the fantasy stories running wild in her imagination. When she's not steeped in writing, she's launching arrows at hay bales, drawing with pastels, reading fantasy, playing an immersive RPG, or watching the latest BBC historical drama.




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