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The exciting debut novel

Life on the streets is never easy, but it's particularly hard for Harry. His future is under constant threat - not just from the world that continues to burn around him but also from the people who inhabit it. Harry watches on as the country that he calls home prepares to celebrate its independence from the people that it deems the greatest threat - people like him. 

Isolated and alone, Harry struggles to get by, occasionally forced to cheat and steal simply to survive. Determined to forge his own path in life, however, Harry keeps track of any debts that he accrues in his debt diary, intent on paying them back as soon as he is able.

When mysterious entries begin to appear in his diary, the path that Harry had been forging for himself becomes twisted in ways that he could never had imagined, and he is forced to determine just how much he is willing to take in order to survive.

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