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The Girl of Ash and Snow by C.M. Quinn - What Should We Read in March 2023?

January was a great month for the Indie Book Club! There were some great titles on the shortlist, and The Hundred Choices Department Store by Ginger Park proved to be a very popular selection. We're back in February with four new titles to choose from, the third of which is The Girl of Ash and Snow by C.M. Quinn.

About The Girl of Ash and Snow

Genre: New Adult, Fantasy

Available on: Amazon, B&N, Author Wesbite

Length: 393 pages

When a remote mountain village is attacked, it sets off a chain reaction that will change the course of history...


When tragedy strikes, ripping all that she loves from her, Wren must embark on a desperate rescue mission across a kingdom on the cusp of rebellion. By her side, a mysterious ally whose secrets might just change the course of her life forever.


Haunted by a past he cannot escape, Lorca must gamble it on a stranger whose wild eyes and secrets ensnare him. For with her, he may just find what he seeks…or watch as it burns around him once again.


For her whole life, Sorcha has been hidden away, burdened by ancient magic…and a future that looms like a coming storm. But the time has come for her to claim her destiny, no matter the price.

Worlds are about to collide in a struggle for power, hope and betrayal. For the path of revenge is steeped in blood and darkness.

About the Author

Find out more about C.M. Quinn in the introductory blog post on her author website. Link below.




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