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Cicatrice by Jo Boyle - What Should We Read in March 2023?

January was a great month for the Indie Book Club! There were some great titles on the shortlist, and The Hundred Choices Department Store by Ginger Park proved to be a very popular selection. We're back in February with four new titles to choose from, the first of which is Cicatrice by Jo Boyle.

About Cicatrice

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Available on: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited

Length: 376 pages

In October 2008, 22-year-old almost-graduate Malavika (Mel) Lal, was happier than she’d ever been. Orphaned in India as a child, she’d come to call Australia home, and a fellow student—Jamie Stevens—her family. The biggest of her concerns was whether or not she could still take out the rumba competition, after her dance partner had busted his knee.

It is now March, 2014, and Mel is a freelance photographer who no longer acknowledges the woman she once was, or the life she once led. She’s a fugitive on the run, not from the law, but from Amir Hashim—a sadistic, vengeance-driven madman. He's been chasing her for five long years, with no sign that he will ever let her go.

Mel’s life is necessarily vagabond, its only consistencies fear, isolation and emptiness. Little does she know that the sacrifice she’s made for her dear friend, Jamie Stevens, is about to come to naught.

Content warnings: graphic violence, sexual assault, profanity.

About the Author

Does anyone remember that singer from the 80's who held onto his mystery by not allowing himself to be photographed? His album had a picture on it of what was presumably his own butt, inside of a pair of tight blue jeans. (If anyone here knows the name of that guy, please contact me. It's driving me insane!) I considered doing that for my author page, but I decided that my OWN butt would probably not be held in the same regard as HIS butt, so I went with the traditional head shot instead.

I wish I had something fascinating to tell you about me. But I'm just an ordinary Aussie girl who got it in her head to write Mel's/Vika's story. CICATRICE is my first novel, but please don't hold that against Mel and Jamie. Every (Indie) author has to write a first book before they can write a second, and as an author, I can't imagine loving any subsequent writing journey more than I've loved this one. Jo may not be mysterious, but she'd be honoured if you'd take the time to discover the mystery of CICATRICE.


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08 במרץ 2023

Review of Cicatrice

This is an exceptionally well written thriller in which the villain, Amir, pursues Mel aka Vika aka Malavika Lal, an Australian born in India from a Hindu family, seeking to discover the whereabouts of her brother so he can have vengeance for the murder of his family in the aftermath of the riotous destruction of a mosque. The first half of the book is set in Melbourne as Mel, traumatised after having been held captive by Amir, renews the friendship of Jamie (who is in a lesbian partnership with Suzanne) after a five year interlude. This half is mostly about trust, betrayals and perceived betrayals, and will-she-won't-she as their relationship develops. The second half is more straight…

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