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A God of Wrath and Lies by K.M. Moronova - What Should We Read in February 2023?

January 2023 marks the first official month of the Indie Book Club, but we don't yet have anything to read! Check out the second book on this month's shortlist - A God of Wrath and Lies by K.M. Moronova. There'll be two more options to come, so be sure to vote for your favourite at the end of the month, and we'll read the winner in February.

About A God of Wrath and Lies

Genre: Dark Horror, Romance, 18+

Available on: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited

Length: 342 pages

Trauma is haunting. Twisted.

It can take everything we have . . . can't it. All that we are.

Well, at least mine did.

Since my dog died, I've been cursed with dreams of blood and cries. Things that were once so clear are now foggy. Why have the gods plagued my life? With loss and rot.

I've grown to despise the deities I was raised to worship. So why do I find myself crossing into the realm of the gods and entertaining the same ethereal beings?

These three males will be the end of me.

About the Author

K. M. Moronova has always loved telling stories. She adores reading and writing dark fantasy with a helping of dread and romance. Often, she is found drying flowers and drinking coffee while relaxing in her garden. She loves spending time with her partner exploring the forest and envisioning more devastating stories to tell.




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