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Let's Start an Indie Book Club!

Greetings fellow readers, writer, bloggers, and bookworms!

I assume you're here because you're interested in reading and promoting the work of self-published and independent authors. If so read on! If not, read on anyway!

About the Indie Book Club

Each month, the Indie Book Club will select a published work by an independent author or small press to read. At the end of the month, members will post their thoughts about the book via reviews and blogs, TikTok videos, or even simply by Tweeting about the book. I'll collate a selection of these thoughts and post them in a central blog and newsletter.

The Book Club's aim is to scratch the reading itch of its members, whilst also helping to promote independent authors and publishers.

Selecting Titles

When the time comes to select the next book, book club members can vote from a shortlist of titles. I'll include a poll in the central blog and newsletter, and members will be also be able to vote on Twitter.

All titles will be by self-published authors or independent publishers, and I'll be asking for recommendations on a regular basis. I'll put together a shortlist of books each month, but members will get the final say on which book is selected.

What Do I Need to Do?

Do whatever you want. It's a free country, after all!

There will be no obligation to post a detailed review or blog. If you'd prefer simply to send a single tweet recommending the book, do that. If you'd like to share your thoughts via a TikTok video, do that instead! Of course, if you would like to post a detailed review or blog, please feel free.

There's also no obligation to even take part in the book club every month. If the book that has been selected by members appeals to you, feel free to read it and post your thoughts. If not, sit out the month and wait until you can vote for something that's more your cup of tea.

Whatever thoughts you do share, and however you share them, be sure to send a link, image, file, etc. my way so that I can use it in the central blog and newsletter.

Sign Up!

The book club will always be entirely free, entirely voluntary, and entirely focused on promoting self-published authors and independent publishers.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, sign up for the book club via the 'Subscribe' page, and be ready to vote for the first book in the new year!



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