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Humanity Lost by Meghan Douglass - What Should We Read in April 2023?

The first book on the shortlist for April's Indie Book Club was The Shareholders by H.S. Down. If you haven't already, you can check it out here.

The second book on the shortlist is Humanity Lost by Meghan Douglass, Twitter's self-proclaimed fun fact queen!

About Humanity Lost

Genre: Science Fiction, Horror

Available on: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited

Length: 53 pages

The gruesome writing debut of Meghan Douglass.

The fate of humanity rests on their shoulders, but when the crew of the Valhalla awaken prematurely from stasis, things go horribly wrong.

What must they all sacrifice to save the rest of humanity?

Desperate times call for deadly measures.

About the Author

Mum, author, reader and writer of all things, scientist, gardener, photographer, lover of all things furry, fun fact queen, Meghan Douglass is a newly established author of horror and science fiction. Before she became a writer, she was a medical research scientist with multiple scientific publications. Her primary focus was in the field of neuroscience. When she isn’t writing, Meghan looks after her son in South Australia, spending time with her dogs and reading any chance she can get. Her debut novella Humanity Lost is now available.




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