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And The Winner Is...

Congratulations to Ginger Park, the author of the very first title to be selected for and by Indie Book Club readers!

You voted here on the blog and on Twitter, and selected The Hundred Choices Department Store by a very narrow margin.

What Next?

If you're new to the Indie Book Club, or just didn't manage to keep up with the blog announcements, you can find out more about Hundred Choices Department Store here:

If you voted the book, or if you didn't vote for the book but would like to read it anyway, you can purchase a copy from the following places:

And Once I've Read It?

Once you're done reading, be sure to let everyone know what you think! The purpose of Indie Book Club is not just to get self-published books in front of people but also to share thoughts, feelings, and opinions about those books.

Summarise your thoughts in a Tweet, head over to BookTok and record a video, write a blog post or review. However you want to share your thoughts is up to you! Whatever you do though, please be sure to tag me so that I can include your thoughts in the monthly wrap-up blog and email at the end of February.


Finally, as every writer knows, reviews are big deal. They let readers know if a book will be for them, and they encourage even more readers to discover their work.

In addition to any thoughts or opinions you're posting on your own socials, try to also find the time to leave the author a review either on GoodReads or wherever you purchased the book. I'm sure they'd really appreciate it!

March Shortlist

And finally finally, the March shortlist has already been decided, so keep an eye on your inbox for four more titles to be announced over the course of February!



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